Our business

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Derwent Living is a ‘profit for social purpose’ organisation providing affordable housing to suit a range of lifestyles.

Formed in 1964, Derwent Housing Association (trading as Derwent Living) manages more than 25,000 properties across the UK.

As well as homes to rent for people on lower incomes, Derwent Living offers properties for retired people, homes for sale through part-buy, part-rent schemes, residential lettings and key-worker accommodation.  Derwent Living’s primary focus is providing good, affordable housing and improving services for residents through greater resident engagement and involvement.

Much of our stock is new-build, with modern, well-designed features. Derwent Living is committed to continuing to develop new homes in response to widespread housing need.

Our mission

Derwent Living's mission is to be an excellent provider of affordable housing in the Midlands – a private body with a social purpose.

Everyone in the organisation plays an essential role in contributing to the delivery and success of a rolling business plan. This is achieved by aligning operational plans and personal objectives to the goals of the organisation and the wider group - that way everyone knows where they fit and why what they do is important.

Colleague engagement comes from people understanding where the business is heading, what is expected of them and what it means to work for Derwent Living. This guides thinking, decision making and behaviours. 

Our history

Derwent Living (then the Derwent Housing Association Ltd) was founded on May 22, 1964 by local building society manager Francis Eric Naylor and Ilkeston-based solicitor Herbert Brewer. 

The aim of the business was to provide co-ownership housing that working people could afford. Its first properties were built at Derwent Court in Willington, Derby, in 1968.

Over the next few decades, Derwent Living continued to deliver new homes, changing its core business from co-operative housing to affordable rent, shared ownership and accommodation for older people. In the 1990s Derwent Living expanded into other areas including specialist provision for those with complex needs and those fleeing domestic violence. As the 90s came to a close, the organisation had diversified further into market rental properties and large-scale student accommodation.

In recent years the business has expanded to include facilities management subsidiary Derwent FM and Derwent Students. Its operation now spans the country, with new student accommodation under management as far north as Glasgow.  

Derwent Living is part of the Places for People Group, which it joined in December 2016. 

To find more out about Derwent Living's history you can view our online exhibition, which was created for our 50th anniversary back in 2014.  

Other Derwent Living businesses 

Derwent Living has a number of subsidiary organisations which operate in different sectors including education and the private sector. 

Derwent Facilities Management 

Derwent Facilities Management Limited (Derwent fm) is a subsidiary of Derwent Living.

A growing force in the industry, Derwent fm is an expert in facilities management and student services. Offering integrated, bundled or individual services – such as cleaning, security or maintenance – to suit the needs of its clients.

Derwent fm operates across a wide spectrum of clients including student accommodation, central and local government, private sector and health and education.

Priding itself on its quality of services, delivery is underpinned by a number of BSi accreditations including ISO 9001 Quality Management; ISO 14001 Environmental Management; OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management.

Website: www.derwentfm.com

Derwent Students

Derwent Students is one of the largest student accommodation providers in the UK, spanning the country, from York and Sheffield in the North, Nottingham, Loughborough and Leicester in the Midlands to Essex and London in the South.

Different to other providers of student accommodation, Derwent Students deliver its highly professional award-winning service with consistency to ensure that students and universities receive a positive experience.

Website: www.derwentstudents.com