We have tried to make our website as accessible as possible for our customers. If you have difficulty accessing anything on the site, please let us know.

Easier to view

  • Throughout the site we have used dark text on a light background
  • Text can be resized to be larger or smaller in all web browsers. For more information on how to change the zooming of your browser, click here to open BBC guide to changing font size
  • Each time we have used graphics, we have included a text alternative to explain what the graphic is
  • Speech enabled: the website works with the majority of screen readers.

Easier to navigate

  • If you have restricted mobility or prefer not to use a traditional mouse, each page can be scrolled using the arrow keys and navigated using tab and enter

Easier to use

  • The navigation structure is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a high level top navigation and additional information relevant to your current section on the left
  • Most pages have been physically created instead of using a downloadable poster
  • Where downloads are used they are provided in Adobe PDF format which is a popular accessible document reading software. Other formats such as Microsoft Word are also provided where possible
  • Job application forms are available in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF
  • A translated page is visible in the top right corner of all pages for non English speakers
  • The screen size is developed for the most popular screen resolution of 1024 x 678 and above
  • Printing from the website automatically images where possible unless important to the page making the text easier to read and reducing ink usage
  • Links are descriptive where possible to aid the browsing of the website


  • The site works as far as possible in older web browsers, on older machines, to different machine specifications and on various technologies i.e. PC, Mac, internet browser and mobile phones

Further reading and how to change accessibility settings on your computer

The BBC website have a section called My Web, My Way. The section talks about the benefits of making an accessibile website along with some great information on how to change your accessibility settings.

Click here to visit the BBC My Web, My Way webpage.

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