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Getting help and support in your home. 

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Derwent Living offers support and help for those customers living on many of its schemes. Support is provided by special teams as well as through referrals to specialist care services.

Our in-house teams consist of:

Estate and Tenancy Officers (ETOs)

ETOs provide a mobile intensive housing management service to help you live safely in your home.

What can they do to help you?

  • Advise on how you can pay your rent and service charges
  • Assist in tenancy management matters, helping you to understand your rights and responsibilities in accordance with your tenancy agreement
  • Carry out a referral to the community mobile officer for extra support and benefit advice
  • Undertake our intensive housing management service -  assessing security and health & safety checks in and around the home
  • Investigate any anti-social behaviour concerns you may have
  • Carry out assessment of housing needs to ensure your home is suitable
  • Work alongside our asset management team to monitor quality of work of repairs and planned works n your home and communal areas.

On our schemes for the elderly, ETOS are on hand to help advise residents and signpost to organisations that can assist.

Community Mobile Officers (CMOs)

Offering a floating/signposting intensive housing management service for customers with more complex needs.

What can they do to help you?

  • Help you apply for adaptations to your home or to move to more suitable accommodation
  • Liaise and signpost to external agencies to gain extra support
  • Advise on applicable benefits/budgeting to avoid rent arrears
  • Help to sustain tenancies and maintain independence
  • Work with ETOs to maintain safety in your home
  • Work with our asset management team to identify customers that have a specific need that could be addressed through planned work programmes.

You can request support from either of these teams by using our general enquiry form. 

Resident managers

Most leasehold (owner occupier) retirement developments have a resident manager to offer support to residents and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of services.

The role of resident managers

Resident managers work a five day week, Monday to Friday. The number of hours they work each day may vary depending on the member of staff's contracted hours. They are entitled to normal annual leave plus statutory and public holidays. During a normal working day they are required to spend most of the time on the development, but there will be times when they have to leave to attend external appointments and events.

All information held by a resident manager is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without your permission unless we have a duty of care to do so.

What can they do to help you?

  • Ensure the area where you live is safe
  • Monitor repairs, maintenance, cleaning and landscaping services
  • Offer help advice and friendship to residents
  • Help with queries about rent, service charges and financial matters including benefits and local services
  • Coordinate multi-disciplinary care and support services if required 
  • Offer first aid and respond to a medical emergency if you have one 
  • Promote an atmosphere of goodwill and harmony and encourage participation of residents to avoid anyone feeling isolated
  • Arrange social events and outings

Off-duty cover

When resident managers are not on duty, the alarm system is switched over to a local authority central control station (see below). This gives 24 hour 365 days cover in event of an emergency and provides peace of mind for residents.

Central control

Central control provides 24 hour cover for residents and should be the first point of contact in any emergency if there is no resident manager on duty.  In the event of an emergency, residents only have to pull the cord in their own home.  The call goes to the central control station through the telephone line which is staffed 24 hours. As soon as the call is received their computers display the details that you have provided (see providing your information below) so that staff know who they are talking to and can ensure you are okay or take appropriate action. Calls made to a central control station are recorded and the details of the call are later sent to Derwent Living’s team. All the information and details of calls are confidential.

Providing your information

When residents first move to one of our developments with a resident manager or are linked to a central control station, we ask them to complete a form giving details about themselves, their doctor and their next of kin. This information helps us to act quickly in the event of an emergency. We also pass on this to our out of hours service providers. This information is treated in strict confidence and used in emergencies only. 

It is important that any changes to these details are reported at the earliest opportunity so that your resident manager can update our systems.

Additional support

The Citizens Advice service has a large online resource as well as centres across the region. They can help with everything from helping families on low incomes to consumer advice. 

To visit Citizens Advice website, please click here.

You can also contact your local council, which will be able to give you housing support. You can find your local council by visiting the local authority finder website – just click here.