How we let properties

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How Derwent Living lets its rental properties. 

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Our aim

Our aim is to provide good quality homes to rent for those in the greatest need of housing and to promote sustainable communities. At Derwent Living properties need to be let in the most efficient and effective way. By doing this we will:

  • Minimise void periods to ensure that rental income is maximised;
  • Ensure that all lettings are made in fair and transparent manner;
  • Deliver excellent customer service and equal and appropriate access to our properties and services;
  • Support our local authority partners by accepting nominations to assist them with their housing function;
  • Ensure that our lettings contribute towards the development of balanced and sustainable communities and seek to promote social inclusion;
  • Make the best use of our stock whilst ensuring that our customers can make informed decisions on what accommodation they would like to be considered for and in which locations they would like to live;

Our properties

Much of our stock is new-build, with modern, well-designed features. We are committed to continuing to develop new homes in response to widespread housing need. Our rental offer covers the following:

Affordable Living

Affordable living is low cost social housing ranging from small studio flats to large family homes. Up to 50% of these properties are let through our find a home system.

If you have some income from employment or private means, such as private pensions you can apply for affordable living properties here.

The first person who responds to our advert through our on-line portal will be offered the property if they:

  • have a fully completed or verified application;
  • have supplied all the required documentation;
  • meet all of our criteria including affordability and any local lettings policies;
  • are able to pay the rent in advance and;
  • are able to sign the tenancy agreement within an agreed timescale;

If you do not have any income from employment or private mean and will be solely reliant on housing benefit or universal credit to pay your rent you will need to register with the local authority for the area you wish to move to.

Requirements to rent a property

Customers that apply to us directly will only be accepted for housing if they can demonstrate that they have:

  • The Right to Rent;
  • Enough income to cover their household bills and any other regular outgoings;
  • A good payment history in respect of household bills;
  • A current Bank Account and ability to pay rent and other charges by direct debit;

Residential Living

Residential Living is what we call our private rented portfolio.  There are two different types (intermediate rent and market rent) and both are suitable for working professionals.  Customers needing to claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit to pay their rent are not accepted.

Our intermediate rent properties are let at 80% of the current market rent values for the area, and are suitable for those on lower incomes.  For these properties there is an upper income limit.  Our market rent portfolio is let at the current market rent values for the area in which the property is situated.

Properties are let on 12 month assured short hold tenancies, but customers can stay with us for as long as they wish after this initial period.  We do not ask you to sign another tenancy agreement or charge you any further fees.  Holding fees are charged when applying for these properties and we use an external credit reference agency to assess customers.  A minimum deposit of one month's rent and one month’s rent in advance is required when signing the tenancy.

Requirements to rent a property

Customers that interested in our Residential Living properties will only be accepted for housing if they can demonstrate that they have:

  • The Right to Rent in the united kingdom;
  • Have a good credit history with no outstanding County Court Judgements, loan defaults or bankruptcy;
  • Meet the minimum and where applicable, the maximum income criteria;
  • A current Bank Account and ability to pay rent and other charges by direct debit;

If you see something you like in the residential living list you can enquire via the find a home system or keep an eye on Rightmove as all of our Residential properties are advertised there.

Tenancy deposit protection

Most of our Residential Letting properties (both Market rent and Intermediary rent) are let on Assured Shorthold tenancies.

Since April 2007 all landlords must put deposits in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme.

There are 3 recognised schemes in England and Wales and Derwent Living currently use the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

This ensures that tenant’s deposits are protected and that if there is a dispute regarding proposed charges at the end of a tenancy there is access for both parties to independent arbitration.

Further details can be viewed on the TDS website and all new tenants are given a link to ‘What is the Tenancy Deposit scheme’ at the start of their tenancy.

Retirement Living

Retirement Living is affordable housing to rent ranging from small studio flats and self-contained apartments to bungalows. Our properties offer customers an active social scene with a peaceful and personal atmosphere and the added benefit of 24hr Care Line link for peace of mind.

Retirement Living properties for rent are only available to customers over 55 or 40 and over with a disability. Due to the nature of some schemes households must not contain anyone under 40 and most schemes are not suitable for customers with children. Properties are let through a waiting list in order of housing need and length of time on the waiting list.

You can view the retirement living properties we currently have available on our find a home system.

Application forms to join our Retirement Living waiting list are available by using the enquire now button within the property listing.

There are no fees or charges but rent must be paid in advance when signing for a property.


Derwent Living also offers properties for shared ownership, outright sale and leasehold. For more information please visit the buying or selling your home page.