Reporting repairs

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How to report repairs to Derwent Living. 

Apart from homes where the resident owns or part-owns the property themselves, Derwent Living is responsible for most (but not all) repairs in its residents’ homes. More information on repairs and maintenance and who’s responsible for repairs is available on our repairs and maintenance page.

If you have an emergency repair, you can call the main repair number during office hours; but outside of office hours you need to call the emergency out-of-hours number. There’s more information on emergency repairs further down this page.

And finally, for non-emergency repairs you can use the form below, which you can access at any time from the advice centre. You can track and rate repairs in the account section of this website.

Uploading a picture means faster repairs 

Uploading photos and video on the below form can help us to diagnose repairs much more quickly than just reading a description of the problem. It also allows us to select materials and choose the right contractor to visit more easily. To upload photos or video you'll need to create an account, which can be done quickly and easily by visiting the account set up page.  

Repair form

Emergency repairs

If you have a repair which requires urgent attention please contact us immediately.

Call 01332 346 477 during our office hours which are:

Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm

If it is outside of these times then please call 0116 257 6727.

An emergency repair might include:

  • Major storm damage
  • An unusable toilet (if you only have one in the house)
  • A total heating or hot-water system failure in winter

If the repair is an emergency then we will arrange for a contractor to call on you within 24 hours. Someone will need to stay in your home, to allow us access to carry out the repair.


Non-emergency repairs

If the repair is not an emergency then please use the form above at any time to report it to our repairs team. They will contact you within one working day, to arrange any necessary work.