From April 2013 the government will reduce Housing Benefit if you live in a home that is judged to be too big for your needs.

Complete the questions below to find out if you will be affected and how much your Housing Benefit could be reduced by...


This calculator is only a guide to establish if you may be affected by the new under occupancy rules. You will be notified by your Local Authority if you are directly affected closer to the time.


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How many bedrooms does your home have?

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Are you single, or live with your partner?


How old are you and your partner?
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Anyone else living with you

How many rooms are occupied by other couples or adults (16 years of age or over)?
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If you are likely to be affected by the changes, please fill out the form below with your name, address and contact information. It will send us the details of your circumstances (from the information you entered into the calculator) and will allow us to contact you and explain the options available.