A few little updates

Created on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
by Steve Atkin

Since we launched the new Derwent Living website in December we have been hard at work adding new functionality and tweaking existing content. We’ve had some great feedback from customers so far, and we are really pleased that the new changes we have put in place have had such a positive impact.

The ┬ácontent on the site is designed to be ever-changing with the idea that visitors see new things each time they are here. The following is a short list of enhancements we’ve made in January.

Enhancements since launch

  • Changed the search bar to make it more prominent on each page
  • Increased the size of the breadcrumb navigation to make it easier to return to the homepage and find out where you are on the site
  • Added more information about how the transfer process works and uploaded the appropriate application forms
  • Redesigned the find a home page to include details on whether the properties are for rental, leasehold or part-buy part-rent. This should make it easier to find the property you need
  • Added more information to the scrutiny team page. The page now includes the team’s terms of reference and copies of their reports
  • Changed how the image carousel works on the homepage to reduce load times


If you have any feedback about the website or would like to see something on here that isn’t already – please use the comments feature below or use the contact us form.


Steve Atkin

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