Fun in the sun - BBQ advice

Hold up - where did that giant, yellow thing in the sky come from?!

It's not been the best summer so far, but now that the weather has finally warmed up it seems a good time to remind people of the rules around having barbecues on Derwent Living properties.

Just to clarify, the policy regarding this depends on whether or not you have a shared communal garden area. Unfortunately, if you do not have your own garden then you can’t use the communal area for a party.

Naturally, however, what you do in your own garden is your business. However, please remember that causing excessive nuisance through noise, especially late at night, or creating plumes of smelly smoke is bad manners.

I would recommend telling your neighbours in advance of any party that involves a BBQ so they can bring in their washing and close their windows as necessary.

Any music should be at a respectful volume and if you're asked to turn this down by fellow residents, please do so. We would advise that music is turned off after 11pm.

So, enjoy the sunny weather but please be considerate and exercise common sense whenever possible.

There is usually a rise in anti-social behaviour during the summer months and if you experience any anti-social behaviour on a Derwent Living scheme, you can report this by calling our 24 hour ASB reporting service on 01332 614919.