My work experience at Derwent Living

Created on Thursday, July 6th, 2017
by Kathryn Shaw

Earlier this week, Ecclesbourne School student Richard joined the organisation to find out more about what Derwent Living does. He wrote a blog about his short time here, which we’ve published below. We want to thank Richard for being a great representative of his school and particularly for being a good sport when it came to having his photograph taken!

Day 1


I arrived at Derwent Living at 9:30am on Monday the 3rd of July; I had mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement.  Walking into the building I felt welcomed instantly and already noticed a familiar face.

I met with Rachael Moyers, who I suppose was my “go-to person” if I got lost in this world of work.  I then got taken up countless flights of stairs to reach the human resources department, where I met the HR manager, Karen.

My morning consisted of a tour of the building, and a health and safety HR induction using the very computer I am typing this on.

After lunch I spent my afternoon with Mitch and Harriet learning about customer engagement; this included a bit of their website, the Derwent Living app and the Noise App, and they showed me about how they help their customers. There was also some colouring – I got to change an excel spreadsheet to a colour of my choice (pink).

Day 2


My Tuesday morning began arriving at 9:30am again, but I found out I was supposed to arrive at 10am. This was a misunderstanding with my teacher at Ecclesbourne School and meant arriving unnecessarily early. I don’t see this as a negative though, as I had only been here a day and was already at work early.

Also I should mention I had trouble with the fobs; I stood trying to open the door with the wrong end of the fob, but then I soon figured out how it worked.

Richard with photographer, Paul Drabble

Tuesday included me talking with Jan and Nicolle, learning about repairs and the services they provide, as well as the jobs they do daily, including listening to some customers’ complaints. Unfortunately I apparently didn’t get hear any customers that were deemed “exciting” but personally I found it interesting to listen to them anyway.

In the afternoon I met the marketing team; I was introduced to the team of Kathryn, Richard, Steve and Jo. I was shown around their department and what they do, before going with Kathryn to a building site to watch photos being taken for a press release.

They also took photos for other various things such as their website and social media, including pictures of me. I think it is reasonable to say I was an excellent model.

Day 3


My final day of work experience. Unfortunately today is the day I leave and don’t return. So it started with me arriving at Derwent Living at the correct time this day, which I think is a good start.

Then to kick-start the morning I was with the marketing gang again. I got shown how to proof leaflets, plus how they do their social media and websites, with a bit of Photoshop on the side.

In the afternoon I was with the IT services, where I sat with Anita and she showed me the wonderful world of IT support. I got to see their conference room and we discussed various IT topics, such as IT Support Manager Alistair’s £30 haircuts.

Looking back at the half-week I was there for, the best part was definitely getting to meet all the different people in the departments. They are all charismatic people and without a doubt give me a positive look on the social side of businesses such as Derwent Living.

It was a great opportunity to see the human side of these work forces and give me experiences I could never get from any other lovely people. So basically, I definitely would see Derwent Living as a great potential career, because they showed me that if you pick a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life. 😉

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