Bank holiday closure

Derwent Living's head office will be closed for the late May bank holiday from 4.30pm on Friday 24 May 2019 until 9am on Tuesday 28 May 2019. To make a payment please visit the payment pages of this website. To report an emergency repair call 0116 257 6727.


Ask Max


Every issue our customer services manager, Maxine, gets to the bottom of your questions and enquiries. If you have a question please email it to or write to us at the usual address. Don’t forget to include your name and the name of the town you live in.

When it was announced that Right to Buy would be extended to include housing association tenants, I registered my interest on your website which is what I was told to do by your social media team. I haven’t heard anything from Derwent Living since then, but I have heard that the government are doing a pilot. What does this mean and when will I be able to buy my house?

James, Northampton

When it was first announced in 2015 that new right to buy rules will allow customers to buy their housing association property, Derwent Living made it possible to register interest on our website.

As soon as details of how it will work are finalised, we can then contact anyone looking to purchase using Voluntary Right to Buy and begin the process of assessing eligibility.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for these details and the government has set only a broad time line as to when the scheme will be introduced.

The most recent update from the government is that there will be another voluntary Right to Buy regional pilot, building on the initial pilot which began in January 2016 and has now ended.

It is not known yet which housing associations will be included in this new pilot, when it will launch or what the eligibility criteria will be but we will keep our website updated with any information that is released.

It’s looking very likely that there will be no major roll-out of Voluntary Right to Buy for housing associations until at least 2019.

I called your office to make a payment and went on the automatic payment option, as I thought it would be easier. It didn’t work and I got kicked out of the call!

 John, Matlock

Our automated payment line is designed to speed up the process of making a rent payment over the phone, so that you don’t have to wait for a customer service advisor to help you.

We’re all guilty of doing it (I know I am!) as it can be a little frustrating to wait for the instructions before attempting to enter your details, but if you rush ahead before these have finished then it can fail or kick you out of the call.

To begin, you will need your tenancy reference number and your debit card to hand. Then dial 01332 346 477 and press option 2.

After this you will need to listen carefully to all options and make your selection after you hear the ‘beep’.

Once you have made the correct selection, you will be asked to enter your details, such as your tenancy reference number, the amount you would like to pay and your card details.

Again – please wait for the instructions, as you may need to confirm or re-enter the amount you are paying.

Once you’ve finished, the automated line will confirm whether your payment was approved or declined. If you still want extra confirmation, you should look out for the payment leaving your bank account, using your paper statements or online banking.

Some of the shrubs on our estate are not being looked after properly by the gardeners that you use. They were planted by a former resident, who has passed away. The person who lives there now says it isn’t their responsibility to look after it and the gardeners have said the same thing. Who should be making sure it isn’t overgrown? It looks a mess.

Amisha, Derby

Whilst we try to keep communal areas for the benefit of all we do recognise that residents might like to plant their own plants for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately this does become a problem for Derwent Living, as they are not covered by our grounds maintenance contract and can become overgrown. Permission should always be sought before you plant anything and consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis.

In this scenario, Derwent Living would re-adopt the area and include it within the maintenance schedule.

However, we would also assess such things as the type and size of plant, whether it fits in with the overall scheme in general, whether it has an invasive root system and whether it presents any maintenance hazards – should the plant be considered inappropriate it would be removed.

We try to accommodate the use of these communal areas by all residents, as it is nice to be able to tend to the gardens yourself, but issues like this do arise and we have to look at them on a case-by-case basis and go from there.