Bank holiday closure

Derwent Living's head office will be closed for the late May bank holiday from 4.30pm on Friday 24 May 2019 until 9am on Tuesday 28 May 2019. To make a payment please visit the payment pages of this website. To report an emergency repair call 0116 257 6727.




Take time out with the Derwent Life crossword

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7. Eight-legged species; members include scorpions, ticks and ‘daddy long legs’ (8)
8. In folklore, a man-eating giant (4)
9. To stare in an obvious and raunchy way (6)
10. His first name, this Frenchman is the longest-serving manager of a London-based football club (6)
11. _____ of the Nation; a speech made by a country’s leader to the populace (5)
12. Affectionate name for this professional New York baseball team (7)
14. Scratch/notch in a line or surface (6)
16. Iconic musician, killed by a lone gunman outside his Manhattan apartment (6)
17. Identifying as having a different sex to that which you were assigned at birth (11)
21. Manufacturer of commercial airliners (6)
22. Egyptian god of the afterlife (6)


1. British seaside resort, known for confrontations between groups of ‘mods’ and ‘rockers’ in the 1960’s (8)
2. Written text without which actors would be speechless (6)
3. A small, cosy space or room (4)
4. US born writer, famous for his love of mystery and the macabre (5, 5, 3)
5. Abandoned or deserted (8)
6. Ivy League university, originally known as the College of New Jersey (9)
13. A party thrown before a wedding, usually attended by men only (4)
15. Surname of the main character in hit US television series, Mad Men (6)
18. Co-ordination of events to keep them in time (4)
19. ____ Brockovich; famous American legal clerk, played by Julia Roberts in the 2000 film of the same name(4)
20. Surname of prominent politician in Nazi Germany, taken prisoner by the UK in 1941 (4)