Future standards


Every two months, the customer engagement team holds a forum at The Derby Conference Centre. Colleagues from Derwent Living or its contractors are invited to speak to residents about the work they do.

In November the Forum was attended by Derwent Living’s assistant director of housing Lynn Clayton and customer services manager Max Swords. Between them, they explained that a proposed new customer service strategy would aim to create “effortless customer service”.

The main focus of the new strategy is to understand residents’ needs and recognising the importance of delivering our services. To do this we need to engage with customers, talk to people and find out what they think great customer service looks like.

Lynn and Max talked about service standards, such as how long you should expect to wait before receiving a response to a letter, telephone call or other enquiry. They talked to residents about all the different ways that you can contact Derwent Living and the standards we set ourselves for each form of communication. (See the article on our new standards pledges for more).

Also at the Forum was Derwent Living’s complaints officer, Simon Cooke. He was there to talk about the new customer feedback policy and how it would change the way that the organisation handles complaints.

You can read more about the new policy and what has changed in the policy review article.

If you’d like to find out more about the Forum or attend a future session, email getinvolved@derwentliving.com or visit the get involved section of this website