Policy review: complaints


At the end of 2017 Derwent Living undertook a review of the Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy.

Now called the Customer Feedback Policy, the new easier to understand document was developed through researching the methods of other, similar organisations and using input from the customer forum.

 The biggest change is that the new policy has three complaint stages, instead of four, and these have been renamed to make them easier to understand. These stages are: Put it Right, Investigate it and Review it.

This means that it will be more straightforward for customers to seek a resolution with Derwent Living.

There are still other avenues available to follow, if the complaints process has been exhausted.

The Independent Complaints Panel is a group of trained customer volunteers, who look into unresolved complaints and try to help find a solution. And the Housing Ombudsman is also an option, should all other channels not provide a satisfactory outcome.

Restrictions are in place, so we would not raise a complaint if, for example, the issue happened more than 6 months ago or where it should be raised as an insurance claim. There is now also a Freehold Homeowner and Leaseholder information sheet which details the alternative complaint and appeals options available to these customers.

If you’d like to know more about the new policy or have any questions, please let us know: send an email to info@derwentliving.com