Standards: new pledges

Published , updated

Customer commitments are our way of making sure you know what to expect from us. A new suite of customer commitments has been developed and agreed with customers and these will be measured and reported to customers and across the Places for People Group from 1 April 2018.

We will report our final performance against the old suite of commitments in the next edition of Derwent Life. Our new customer commitments will be available on our website.

We are proud to offer a high standard of communication to all our customers through a variety of different channels. If we are to satisfy our customers, we need to clearly convey what is to be delivered and when.

Our Customer Service Standards are pledges we make to our customers. Following recent consultation we have updated the standards to reflect the different ways in which customers now access our services. Our standards set out our expected response times should you contact us.

For example: If you email us we will acknowledge your email enquiries within two working days and provide a full response within five working days.

If you telephone us we will answer with an appropriate greeting and tell you the name of the person you are speaking to.

We will return your call within two working days if you request a call back.

Our fully updated customer service standards will launch from 1 April 2018 and will be available on request or on our website.