Fake or fraudulent

More companies are providing services online to fit with customer lifestyles - but can you spot a scam?

Being able to contact companies over the internet is really convenient. You can make an enquiry, buy products or request services at any time. But scammers and fraudsters are also online and it’s important to stay safe.

Some customers have told us about a scam telephone call they’ve received. They say they are from your internet provider and your connection will be cut off unless you follow their instructions.

Our customer who received this call was quite shocked as the caller sounded very official and urgent. It took a few minutes to realise the company name was not the one that provided their internet connection.

Scammers will use this type of call for all sorts of services not just internet connections.

Callers may also pretend to be from Microsoft or some other big name, and talk you into downloading some form of software that allows the caller to access your computer, so that they can ‘remove the virus’.

They may request remote access to your computer to help fix an issue and steal personal information stored on there.

If you receive a call like this you should hang up. If you are worried then contact your provider on a number from a recent statement or bill. Never allow remote access to your computer unless you have called your provider for help.

Keep your password safe, don’t share it with anyone and if you think it has been shared change it.