Making a stand

Published , updated

Earlier this year Derwent Living signed up to the Make a Stand campaign to support people experiencing domestic abuse.

Advice and information

Providing easily accessible information is one of the commitments of the campaign so we have updated our domestic abuse web page. There is now advice on the signs to look out for if you think someone may be experiencing domestic abuse and how to report abuse.

There are also links to agencies that can provide help, advice and support if you are experience domestic abuse or are concerned about your own abusive behaviour.

And we have included a section on how to stay safe online and cover your tracks if you are worried about someone knowing what web pages you’ve been looking at.

Pet fostering

People experience domestic abuse are sometimes reluctant to leave if they have pets so we’ve added links to pet fostering services that will look after pets until their owners are in a better situation.

Gemma Trowbridge, our Head of Housing, is our domestic abuse champion. You can read an interview with Gemma on what the campaign means for Derwent Living in our newsroom.