Safety first (Winter 2018)

In the colder weather there’s nothing nicer than been tucked up warm inside. So here are some tips on staying warm and safe in your home over the winter months.

Make sure candles are in a secure holder, away from drafts and materials that may catch light. Don’t leave children or pets alone with lit candles. Put candles out when you are leaving the room and make sure they are properly extinguished at night. You might want to consider using battery candles.

If your electric blanket is more than 10 years old you should replace it. Before you use your electric blanket check it for damage or signs of scorching, exposed wires, wear and tear. If you are replacing it, always buy from a reputable retailer and never buy a second hand one.

Check portable heaters are in good working order and not damaged before using. Keep heaters away from curtains and furniture that may catch light. Never cover a heater or use it to dry clothes. Always turn the heater off and let it cool down before moving it.

Smoke alarms save lives. Check your smoke alarm regularly, and never tamper with it or remove the batteries.

Don’t overload electric sockets as it can cause a fire. Check your extension leads, don’t use them if they are damaged and don’t run cables under rugs or bedding.

To avoid scalding, use a hot water bottle cover or wrap it in a towel and never fill it with boiling water.