Bank holiday closure

Derwent Living's head office will be closed for the late May bank holiday from 4.30pm on Friday 24 May 2019 until 9am on Tuesday 28 May 2019. To make a payment please visit the payment pages of this website. To report an emergency repair call 0116 257 6727.


Sweeping changes

Following a review of our current cleaning services and feedback from the residents’ forum, we will be moving our cleaning services for our blocks of flats in-house from April 2019.

The service will be provided by Group company Places Management and you will see many familiar faces who currently work for our contractor, Pinnacle PSG, just in a new uniform. Here’s a reminder of what the cleaning teams do

  • Clean internal areas including stairways and corridors
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Mop or wash all hard surfaces
  • Clean light covers and lighting (internally and externally)
  • Clean inside of communal windows
  • Clean doors and door entry systems, remove dirt, dust and cobwebs from external door surfaces
  • Remove all marks, dirt, dust and cobwebs from block signage
  • Empty communal litter bins

Customer feedback is really important in shaping our services so please send us your feedback on the cleaning service using our feedback form.

Or you might want to consider joining our clean inspectors. You can find all the information in the get involved section.

Our cleaning services don’t extend to the maintenance of individual homes or private courtyards and gardens. If you spot an issue please let us know using the general enquiries form and our neighbourhood team will investigate.

We have recently updated our policy on how we maintain and manage our neighbourhoods. Here is a short summary:

  • Keep neighbourhood and communal areas clean and safe
  • Work in partnership with customers and other providers and public bodies where it is effective to do so
  • Co-operate with relevant partners to help promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing
  • Consult with tenants, shared owners and leaseholders to develop the neighbourhood management policy
  • Take account of our presence and impact in the areas where we own properties.

You can find more information in the advice centre.