Ask Max (Spring 2019)

Answering questions from Derwent Living customers

Every issue our customer services expert Maxine, gets to the bottom of your questions and enquiries. If you have a question please email it to or write to us at the usual address. Don’t forget to include your name and the name of the town you live in.

When I call to ask about my rent, I keep getting asked if I have an online account, why is this?

Jim, Lincoln

By creating an online account you can manage your tenancy easily and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can see your rent statements, make payments, report repairs and submit enquiries.

When you are logged into your account all forms are pre-populated with your details to speed up the reporting process. You also have access to upload supporting photos, videos and documents.

The message centre, accessed from the account menu at the top of the screen enables you to find a copy of the reports you have submitted. Our lettings team also use the message centre to let applicants know what's happening throughout the process.

When you submit an enquiry using the website, you will receive a unique contact reference number. This number allows colleagues at Derwent Living to quickly find your enquiry should you contact us for an update.

Main and existing joint tenants can create an account, for more information or to register for an account, go to the using this website page.

I’ve called on behalf of my mum, but you won’t speak to me about her tenancy without her signing something, why is this?

Anne, Derby

For our customers’ protection we will not discuss personal tenancy information with anyone who is not named on the tenancy or a nominated contact. As your mother is our customer we need her permission to speak to you about her tenancy and she can do this by making you a nominated contact.

To become a nominated contact, your mother must request a nominated contact form from us. We will send this to her to complete and she must then return it to us. We will then send the form to you to complete your details and sign.

This process makes sure your mother’s data is secure and only allows us to discuss it with people she has named as able to do so.

You can find full details on the making tenancy change page in the advice centre. Customers can request a nominated contact from by emailing our tenancy services team at

The bins in our flats haven’t been collected because a neighbour put the wrong things in, what do we do now?

Anon, Nottingham

I’m sorry to hear the bins haven’t been collected. This will probably be because the local council have noticed it is cross-contaminated. If you let Derwent Living know by reporting it we can arrange for an external contractor to come and clean this rubbish out so you can get full use of the bins back.

However, this is why it’s very important that the correct rubbish goes in the correct bins. These visits will be charged back to the scheme and become a part of your service charges. If you know who is doing this, it’s also worth making your housing officer aware of this.