Derwent Living operates a transfer policy that enables existing customers to maximise their ‘mobility’ and access alternate accommodation that may be more suitable your personal housing need.

Derwent Living’s transfer policy gives consideration to housing demand and how the organisation can make best use of existing housing stock, by ensuring that tenants are housed in the most appropriate accommodation for their circumstances.

However, we would also recommend that you register with the local authority for the areas you wish to move to as this will allow you to bid for properties through their Choice Based Lettings schemes.  Each local authority has a different allocations and lettings policy so you cannot be guaranteed acceptance onto their list.  You should also consider mutual exchange which can be a quicker way to find the home you need.

Provision has been made for residents that are deemed to be in urgent housing need.  In situations such as these, residents are transferred to alternative accommodation as quickly as possible.

Each year, Derwent Living will let a maximum of 10% of all void properties to transfer applicants.

Transferring from your property

To find out more you can view a quick guide for transferring from your existing home or download Derwent Living’s transfer policy.

If you wish to speak to someone about transferring from your existing property please use the contact us form on this website, email or call 01332 346 477.


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