Bill's story - Scoring in a Shrovetide game


Watch Derwent Living customer Bill Bennett recount the amazing story of when he scored in 1963. 

Played once a year by two teams with no limit on the number of players, Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide football is one of the most unique sporting events in the world. Played since at least the twelfth century, this brutal form of the beautiful game attracts thousands of visitors and sightseers each year. 

For a forthcoming Derwent Life feature we caught up with retirement living customer Bill Bennett, an Up'Ard who still lives in the Derbyshire town, and talked to him about his famous Ash Wednesday goal, scored all the way back in 1963.

This interview is taken from a forthcoming issue of Derwent Living’s customer magazine Derwent Life. You can read other customer stories in our online version. Customers who are logged into the website can comment on the film by using the comment/emoji features below.

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