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You can find lots of different recipes online for cheap and quick and easy meals, but sometimes these can be more confusing. If the price of shopping is putting you off making changes to your diet or trying new things then read on: healthy eating doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Meal plan & list, list, list!

Writing a shopping list can help the cost of your shop come down, you will only be looking for the things you need. If you meal plan for the week, you can determine what you already have in your cupboards and what you need to buy. This will also help for you to amalgamate the cost of fruit and veg. If you know you need 4 carrots for your bolognaise, but they come in packs of 8 – you can use the left over ones for another meal in the week.

Top tip: Don’t shop hungry – you most likely will end up buying extra because your stomach says it wants it.

Try cheaper brands

Let your taste buds tingle and try different brands. You don’t have to purchase branded products over the supermarket's value range. If you spend a few seconds looking at the ingredients label, I’m sure you will see there is not much difference other than the price!

Top tip: Most pre-packed foods have a nutrition label on the back or side of the packaging.

Try frozen

Frozen fruit and veg are just as good for you as fresh. It’s frozen when it’s at it’s ripest and therefore all the natural nutrients are still there. You will also save money this way as you will only use the amount you need for your meal.

Top tip: Keep an eye out for the frozen foods with higher sugar/fat content.

Recipe Time

Chicken Nuggets (feeds 5)


  • 500g (4/5 breasts) of boneless skinless chicken breast cut into cubes
  • 40 grams panko breadcrumbs (you can also make your own from slightly stale bread rather than chucking these away, just blend/crumble 3 or 4 slices up)
  • 20 grams cup of melted butter
  • Pinch of salt and pepper

*Optional* you could also add grated parmesan or Cajun spices to mix it up


  • Put melted butter in a bowl, and crumb mix in a bowl. Cover the chicken in the butter and then roll around in the crumb mix.
  • Place nuggets on a non-stick oven and bake at 275 degrees for 25-30 minutes, occasionally turning them over. *Make sure the chicken is no longer pink inside*

Top tip: If you have any leftovers, once cooled these can also be frozen. Be sure to de-frost and cook thoroughly.

If you have any more ideas on recipes or tips, we’d love to hear from you, comment below!

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