Customer service strategy


Derwent Living’s customer service strategy, describing the steps the organisation will take to develop its customer service offer.

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The strategy has three themes:

  1. Understanding our customers;
  2. Connecting with our customers;
  3. Serving our customers.

The aim of the first theme focuses on knowing our customers by having a deeper understanding of their needs. This is about making better use of customer insight and segmentation. Our aim is to get the best out of every contact or engagement with our customers and recognise the importance of every aspect of customer service delivery.

The second theme has customer access in the ever-evolving digital environment at its core. This includes our customer commitments and our aim to deliver excellent levels of customer satisfaction by improving employee skills and creating a customer-centric culture which makes best use of digital technology.

The third theme focuses on serving our customers, included in this is the way we deal with complaints and how we communicate and engage with customers. Ensuring our customers feel informed and understand how they can assist us to improve services is key to this theme.

Customer engagement

Our aim is to offer customer engagement mechanisms that give all customers the opportunity to have their say and influence decisions that affect their homes, the services they receive and the area in which they live. Through our customer engagement mechanisms, we aim to ensure that customers are at the heart of our decision making process, and to understand their needs via our feedback mechanisms with an aim to improve service delivery. 

Take a look at the strategy and let us know what you think below.

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