Digital champions project delivers for customers

It’s now six months since we launched the digital champions project at Derwent Living, with more and more customers getting involved as the initiative develops.

How does it work?

Sessions are organised following referrals. A referral is where customers get in touch with Derwent Living and request help in either a one-on-one or group setting. We’ll then speak to the relevant digital champion and get in touch to arrange an initial visit. Sessions can take place wherever customers feel most comfortable. For group sessions we recommend a communal area or community meeting room.

What have customers been learning?

A number of sessions have been delivered by staff and customer volunteers already, teaching everything from basic online skills to knocking up a CV to help those seeking work.

After one customer’s first session, they were so thankful and keen to learn that they got the next one booked in straight away for the week after! At one of our retirement living schemes in Nottingham we’ve been working with residents to teach them all about online safety and security – a frequent barrier which stops many people from getting online.

We’ve also helped customers save money by using price comparison websites, and taught them how to keep in touch with friends and family by using webcams and video calls. We helped one customer solve a long-standing utility bill problem using email and their online account – all without picking up the phone.

Many other sessions have focussed on using devices themselves, and our champions have been explaining how to get the most out of tablets, smartphones and e-readers.

Getting help

If you would like to take advantage on the digital champions initiative, or know someone who would benefit from it, email Please include your name (or the name of the interested party), tenancy number (if applicable), contact telephone number and address. We’d also like you to include some information about which areas of getting online or computing you would like our champions to help with.

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