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The latest meeting of Derwent Livings Forum has taken place.

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This was the second meeting of the year and we were joined by two of our Digital Champions as well as a Community Mobile Officer and Estate & Tenancy Officer.

Digital champions

The Forum was joined by Amanda Trowbridge, customer experience assistant, and resident manager Jill Martin a, both are trained digital champions and they were promoting the digital champions project and how this can benefit customers in getting online.

But why now?

Here are some online facts about Derwent living customers and how we are trying to promote the use of the website and get people to go online – the information is below.

Q: How many of our customers are registered for an online account with Derwent Living?

1037 – Although hundreds more use this without being logged in as a tenant

Q: How many of our customers have email addresses on their account?

Overall, 87% of our customers have an email address registered with us.

Q: Since the launch of the website in 2017 – how many repairs have we had reported via the website?


Amanda and Jill then discussed the role of the digital champions we have at Derwent living, with 8 staff members and 1 Customer Volunteer fully trained at the moment.

Forum attendees then did a table activity based around the internet and what people can and can’t do online.

So how are we doing?

There have been 9 referrals so far and digital champions have made contact with all of these people, to book in their 1st sessions. This includes a one to one session with a learner which was to help him do a CV and apply for jobs online.

We also held a group session at Calverton close with 4 residents which included the use of IPhone and IPad and how to get internet security and search for utility providers. This is going to be an ongoing project and future sessions are already being arranged.

We are also looking at promoting this to the retirement living sites through coffee mornings, so if you think your scheme might interested let us know.

We then did another activity which is higher or lower so asked questions based around the internet .

The role of the Community Mobile Officer & Estate and Tenancy Officer

The second session was presented by Bridget Hilton, Estate & Tenancy Officer and Veronica Susan, Community Mobile Officer

They gave an overview of the teams in which they work and listed the other staff members in the Estate & Tenancy officer and the Community Mobile officer roles.

They looked at the properties and the areas that they cover and then discussed what their role involves and how customers can access the services they provide.

This included a table exercise about who you think did what job and how sometimes these jobs cross over and both the roles have to work together.

They went on to list some of the things their jobs involve.

The Estate and tenancy officer covers:

  1. Safety and security
  2. Repairs and Maintenance
  3. Administration and income collection

The community mobile officer covers:

  1. Referrals and signposting to support services

These includes risk assessments for high, medium, low risk, suitability for housing, complete and updates anti-social behaviour dairy sheets for complex needs residents and attend regular meetings at head office.

There were then a number of questions relating to both roles by the Forum attendees

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