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The following set of guidelines apply to all users of the community pages.

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The following set of guidelines apply to all users of the community pages and are put in place to ensure that all users have an enjoyable and hassle free experience whilst participating in discussions.

We encourage honest feedback and debate; comments will not be removed purely because they are negative, but any found to be in breach of the following will be reviewed and may ultimately be removed; in serious cases accounts may be suspended or terminated with or without warning. The community pages will be regularly monitored during normal office hours.

Removal of comments

Administrators reserve the right to remove, without notice, any comment that, at our sole discretion, may cause offence to other users. Users may not use language that could be deemed to be offensive, abusive or explicit. The posting of advertisements or links to websites unrelated to the topic of discussion will also be removed.

Personal Information

The user name displayed on comments will be your registered account name and you will not be able to use an alias. This will be visible to other tenants who are registered and logged into the site. For your own safety and privacy, please do not post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses or any other private information. Administrators will also remove any posts that appear to show personal information about other people, or are slanderous.

Posting of links, attachments or images

Certain discussion topics may lead to the posting of links, attachments or images in order to further debate. Only related articles should be posted, any unrelated items will be removed. Please exercise caution when opening links within a post and if you cannot be sure of its origin do not open.

Restriction of accounts

Any users found to be in excessive or continuous breach of the above terms will receive a warning and may have their access to the community pages blocked. Administrators reserve the right to cancel accounts entirely should a user continue to make offensive or unrelated postings despite prior warnings, or without warning if posts are deemed illegal or grossly offensive.

Reporting of repairs, complaints and ASB

The website features designated areas where you can report repairs, make a complaint and report anti-social behaviour. Please avoid using the community pages for this purpose as your comment may be missed and we cannot guarantee that your issue will be logged. You can still contact us in the usual ways, or download the Derwent Living app to get in touch and report your issues.

And finally…

The information you post online can be seen by a great deal of people, please stop and think before you post something that could cause harm or offence to others, or embarrassment to yourself. If you have any doubts about whether a particular statement might be considered offensive by other users, please do not post it.

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