The Meet - your feedback

The Derwent Meet has taken place and we asked for your feedback on the event. Read on to find out what attendees had to say, as well as the opportunity to tell us what you think.

Thank you to all our residents who joined us at The Meet at Bustler Market recently. During the event we asked for your feedback. We asked you to tell us what you enjoyed, what you found most useful and if there was anything we could have improved on.

Your feedback helps us to ensure we are delivering the type of events that our customers want to attend, find informative and include the type of information and activities that are of interest to you.

Here’s just some of the feedback we received about the Derwent Living Meet at Bustler Market:

  • A nice event with excellent staff
  • Most enjoyable event, everyone I spoke to was very helpful, welcoming, thank you"
  • Staff very helpful
  • It was lovely to meet the people who help us and make a difference for the better
  • Found lettings most useful, good venue, excellent facilities, staff all welcoming, made sure felt comfortable and well looked after
  • All stands were very friendly and helpful
  • Enjoyed the event, great venue, staff warm and welcoming
  • Whole event was very informative and useful
  • Good to see staff in an informal setting

We captured a lot of your comments on the day, however if you attended the event and would like to tell us more, please leave a message below.

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