Using the new community pages

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How to use the new community system.

The new community section of Derwent Living's website replaces MY Community. It's designed to be more focused and provide targeted feedback on things the customer engagement team are consulting and working on. 


Customers who are logged in are able to comment on any article in the community pages. You can also respond to another customer comment if you wish. These responses are all kept together in an easy to read thread. Simply click on the comment button and a text field will appear.

You can see the number of comments an article has from the main community page by looking at the comment counter in the top right hand corner of the article tile. 

All comments made on the community pages are subject to the terms of use


If you like a comment or an article you can express your satisfaction by clicking on like. It's a simple and effective way of showing the customer engagement team or other customers you appreciate or agree with their article or comment. 


Emojis allow you to represent a number of emotions in a simple button click. You can choose from six different ones on the community pages (laugh, cry, yay, wow, angry or puke). Emojis can be used like comments and likes to repond to a post or to a comment from a staff member or other customer. 

Making a complaint

There is a special page and form on our website to raise service complaints, please read our customer feedback policy, which explains the process and how to seek a resolution. Please do not post complaints on the community pages. 

Keeping information private

When using the community pages, please don't be tempted to share details of your Derwent Living account (e.g. rent account details, address, tenancy number or property code).

Keeping account information private reduces the risk of identity fraud and help keeps your information and account secure.

  • Don't discuss details of your Derwent Living account with other users on the community pages, even if they offer to help
  • Think carefully before posting a comment, especially if it involves neighbours or others in your community. 

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