Bank holiday closure

Derwent Living's head office will be closed for the late May bank holiday from 4.30pm on Friday 24 May 2019 until 9am on Tuesday 28 May 2019. To make a payment please visit the payment pages of this website. To report an emergency repair call 0116 257 6727.


December 2018 Forum Newsletter

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The latest meeting of Derwent Living’s Forum has taken place.

December’s forum has taken place, and this year we mixed it up a little. We had an insight presentation by Steve Atkin, Marketing Manager to our new and ever changing website. Instead of a second presentation we held speed chat’s. Where several people from around the business came and gave a 10 minute talk about what they do, to each table. Giving everyone a chance to have a more personal talk to the areas of the business. We had Adem Mahmood from Housing, Kim Carter from Lettings, Gary Hennesey from Rents, Zack Seals from Asset Management & lastly Nick Durrant from Development.

The Website – Steve Atkin 


Steve spoke about how the consultation we did around the website, helped shaped the development of the site. The purpose of this was to make sure the site was customer and user friendly. We had sessions with residents where we asked ‘What’s missing’ & ‘What will make your job using the website, easier?’ Alongside this, Steve held consultation internally to ask Derwent colleagues the same questions – and with the feedback and recommendations they developed a site that’s suitable for everyone.

Along with this the Resident Scrutiny Team, did a report and scrutinised the website – through this 17 recommendations were made, and to date, 13 of them have been implemented fully.

New Site Features

There are lots of new site features that Steve talked through. Firstly we have integrated the site to housing management system, so now when reporting a repair, ASB issue or complaints, this reports directly to the correct team internally. Giving a quicker turn around for response times. The site also has a self-help advice centre with over 40 articles which will give general advice on things you would normally call in for, so this saves you from having to call in. You can view and manage your account online, having access to all areas of your account such as rent account, repairs and household data. You can now set up direct debits online too! These are just a few of the many changes we have made, and many more are still being rolled out so watch this space ….


This function has now been made easier than ever. You can register as a tenant or as someone who is new to Derwent and just looking to apply. The simple to use, online form you fill in will match your details on your account making sure it’s secure. Once you have registered you will only need to fill in your user name and password for further log in’s.