Meet the team

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Meet the team that deliver Derwent Living's customer engagement activity. 

Derwent Living’s Customer Engagement Team is responsible for all resident involvement activities within the organisation. This includes providing opportunities for our residents, customers and tenants to get involved and have their say on how services are delivered.

The Customer Engagement Team facilitates a wide range of involvement methods, from the more traditional meetings and forums, to our digital offerings.

You can read more about the different opportunities available here

Mitch Allseybrook, Customer Engagement Manager 

Mitch joined Derwent Living in 2002 and has been part of the Customer Engagement Team in its many different forms over the years; Community Development and Resident Involvement most recently.

Talking about Customer Engagement, Mitch says, “We’re here to give customers the opportunity to get involved with us and hopefully improve the quality of our services. We’re now focussing on quality over quantity in terms of engagement, and the digital work we’re doing is opening more avenues for us. We’re working with a customer base where 87% have an internet connection, that’s much higher than the average.”

Harriet Phillipson, Customer Engagement Officer

Harriet joined Derwent Living in 2012, having previously worked in Community Development and spending some time working as a Housing Officer.

Harriet is also one of our staff mediators, so you may well come across her in either role!

Adding to Mitch’s comments, Harriet says, “The digital work we’re doing allows us to engage with many more people and give people different options. We’re still committed to using the traditional methods though – I don’t think you’ll ever see those disappear.”