September 2018 Forum News Letter

The latest meeting of Derwent Living’s Forum has taken place.

September’s forum took place and we discussed Grounds Maintenance & The Make A Stand Pledge/policy. The policy for the Make A Stand Pledge against domestic violence is currently being written and your feedback is being looked into. Thank you to all people who have raised points and these will be looked at before this is published. Places for People Grounds Maintenance team came to present how they the last 18 months have gone.

Grounds Maintenance

We had 4 staff members from PfP Landscapes, Gary Slater (Regional Operations Manager), Andrew Corcoran (Head of Landscapes), along with Contract Managers, Adam Taylor & Bill Keay.

They discussed what services they provide across the group such as grounds maintenance, internal cleaning, window cleaning & tree works. Since PfP took over the landscaping in 2017 a lot of changes have been made to the service they provided, along with the investments in the team too. They now have 8 teams of 2 men on the contract to tackle the work load. They now have a new depot in Nottingham to facilitate the new teams, and the area manager is now based closed to the East to allow for better management.

PfP Landscapes have doubled their provision of the equipment for the operatives to help with time management on site. They are also sourcing a new “ride on” machine, equipped with trailer and the capabilities and collect grass as it’s cut!

PfP showed us how they survey and audit their sites, on each scheme visit the team take before and after pictures of the site. They have a pro-forma they fill in to advise on any issues that may arise on the site and check list of what they have done and feed this back to their contract manager.

Make A Stand – Policy & Campaign

Adem Mahmood (Tenancy Services Manager) presented the new Make A Stand Pledge that Derwent Living have signed. The campaign works in partnership with Women’s Aid, DAHA & CIH and there are 4 key commitments that Derwent Living has agreed to and this is to be implemented by September 2019.

  • Put in place and embed a policy to support residents who are affected by domestic abuse
  • Make information available about national and domestic abuse support services available on your website and in other appropriate places so that they are easily accessible for residents and staff
  • Put in place a HR policy, or amend an existing policy, to support members of staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse
  • Appoint a champion at a senior level in your organisation to own the activity you are doing to support people experiencing domestic abuse.

Adem gave advice on what to look out for if you feel someone is being affected by domestic violence, along with how to report it and who to report it too. If a Derwent Living property is involved, you can contact us thorugh the website, email or phone. You should call to the police via 101, report this to your local authority & if you witness a crime, dial 999.

Our customers then reviewed the draft policy, and gave their views and feedback on this. Adem is working through these and will make any amendments to the policy as needed.