Training and support


We are committed to ensuring customers can make a real difference, so we offer tailored training to help them achieve this. 

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Training can be delivered in a number of ways and it will always be free of charge. It may be a session run by Derwent Living colleagues who understand the subject. Or it may mean shadowing, buddying or mentoring with another active resident. You could even consider attending training run by an external training provider, some of which may provide you with an accredited qualification. Either way we will try to match the training to your individual needs.

Effective involvement can shape and improve services, so it is important it’s done well. Contact the Customer Engagement team to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you to become involved.

Supporting you to get involved

Whilst you get involved, you will not be out of pocket as we will reimburse all reasonable expenses.

We want to make our initiatives and events accessible to everyone, therefore we can provide transport where required – and also cover travel expenses for customers who do have their own transport, or make use of public transport. Our expenses policy can be found here and attached this page, which also covers information regarding child care costs

Code of conduct

A code of conduct operates at all meetings and events for Derwent Living customers. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable taking part and that we are able to conduct business in a courteous and effective way.

  • Participants shall listen to the views of others and respect their views and opinions.
  • Participants will show due respect to other customers and staff
  • Participants will play an active role but not monopolise a meeting
  • No discriminatory remarks will be accepted and should not be made.
  • No abusive or offensive language will be used.
  • No personal remarks will be made.
  • At meetings participants will speak one at a time and not over other participants.
  • A participant contravening the code of conduct may be excluded.