…in 2016

Customer Call Out Event

Using a panel of customer volunteers, we conducted a one off call out event, where the volunteers contacted other customers to complete a short telephone survey.

The survey included questions around various aspects of Derwent Living services, and we were able to gauge satisfaction from the responses. Using customers to survey others allows for more honest and reliable responses. Those customers involved in carrying out the surveys said they ‘enjoyed speaking to other residents and hearing about their positive experiences’ of Derwent Living.

One of our customer volunteers on the call out.


In 2016 we launched the electronic version of our customer handbook. This is available via our website and also the Derwent Living App.

The Handbook includes all the same information as the paper version given to customers at sign up, and is now easy accessible.

The electronic handbook also includes the added feature of having audio, in both English and Polish, meaning that you can listen to the handbook information being read aloud through your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Surveying – Estate Services, Homeowner and DCHA

Customer surveys are in important method for gaining views on our services. Feedback and responses are used to highlight areas of good practice as well as action where improvements may be needed.

In 2016 we carried out surveys to record satisfaction with Estate Services. This includes Ground’s Maintenance and Communal Cleaning. All customers who receive either of these services had the opportunity to provide feedback.

We also surveyed our Homeowner and Leasehold customers, as well as those living in DCHA properties. These customers were surveyed on all aspects of Derwent Living services.

The surveys were carried out using a range of methods including, online and paper versions.

Residents talking to colleagues at a Places for People roadshow stop off in Derby

Places for People Roadshows

Following the news that Derwent Living was in discussions to join the Places for People Group, it was essential that we let customers know how this could affect them and ensure they had the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns during a consultation period. A series of road show visits were conducted to different areas where customers had the opportunity to speak with staff face-to-face and ask any relevant questions. The roadshow was one element of a wide-ranging consultation.

The roadshow visited 31 different areas across the course of the week, taking in nearly 2000 properties.

Translation Project

A team of customer volunteers were recruited and trained in translation and interpreting skills. The volunteers then translate documents, such as letters and correspondence, and help with face-to-face interpreting for four key languages which Derwent Living identified as being the most widely spoken by our residents, after English.

The qualification is achieved through distance learning, and the languages include Polish, Kurdish, Urdu and Punjabi.

Sign Up Pack Review

Following on from customer feedback regarding the information contained with the Sign Up Pack given to new Derwent Living residents, a panel of customer volunteers were set up to review the information and make recommendations for improvements or additions.

The suggestions for improvement include simplifying the wording used and for the information to be condensed so it is easier to understand and take in.

The panel of volunteers had recently been through the sign up process, so they were able to make relevant suggestions based on their own experiences.

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