Big break for Mike Dunworth

Created on Friday, February 6th, 2015
by Kathryn Shaw

We’re very pleased to welcome Derwent Living resident and pool enthusiast, Mike Dunworth, to our operational performance committee (OPC) on the Derwent Living board. The OPC oversees and reports on all aspects of core housing, from site finding and development, via handover through to housing management and ongoing property maintenance. 

Mike is relishing his new role because he feels he will be able to make a real difference to the daily operations of Derwent Living, and he’s impressed at how responsive the board is at listening to residents’ concerns.

Mike has a background in business management and extensive experience in reporting at board level.

Mike has a background in business management and extensive experience in reporting at board level.

“The good thing about the OPC is that it’s not isolated. Direct feedback from the residents’ forum, for example, is minuted and acted upon. At the next meeting we can measure the impact that the residents’ feedback has achieved. That’s really satisfying, and I’m proud to be involved with Derwent Living at this level.”

Mike says that the feedback from the residents’ forums is absolutely essential to the three monthly board meetings. Complaints and compliments are delivered to the board first hand. The response is usually rapid and transparent. The diversity of the clients who contribute the feedback is also wide, which makes it all the more effective. For example, many residents have specific needs that may or not be taken into account unless the issues are flagged.

“For example”, says Mike, “Some retirement schemes might benefit from facilities to park mobility scooters. It’s all about peoples’ specific needs being listened to and reported back to the board.”

Above all, Mike is very optimistic and upbeat about the whole process of resident involvement at Derwent Living. He says that the meetings he’s attended are driven, focused and well organised. They’re not for the faint-hearted, either. One agenda was 75 pages long but Mike says that the issues were acted upon within a couple of hours.

On a personal level, Mike is a keen pool player, his game is kept to a high standard; in fact, he’s the chairman of Derby city’s pool league. He was also a keen squash player for many years and keeps fit by visiting the gym three times per week.

Mike says that he’s really excited to be involved on the OPC. You might say that it’s his ‘cue’ to succeed in his new role!


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