Customers put Derwent Living's services on the spot

Derwent Living’s team of customer volunteers, service spot checkers, met again last week to investigate customer satisfaction with gas servicing and repairs.

The team carried out a total of 100 calls and were able to make contact with 47 customers. They asked customers how satisfied they were with recent gas repair work, or, how satisfied they were with a recent gas service.

The results showed that 80% were satisfied with gas repairs, and 91% were satisfied with gas servicing. The results are reported back to the asset management team and to gas contractor Vinshire. They also pass on details of any dissatisfaction. By enabling customers to contact other customers Derwent Living hopes to achieve an unbiased view of how services are provided.

The service spot checkers have a full calendar for service areas to investigate satisfaction with; the next area to be covered will be satisfaction with complaint handling. Look out for the results and findings as they happen. If you would like any further information on the service spot checkers, contact the resident involvement team.