Derwent Living focuses on people with new appointment

Created on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
by Steve Atkin

Derwent Living has appointed a new assistant director who will be responsible for people and organisational development

The Derby-based housing provider has appointed Emma-Kate Fletcher to take on the new role, where she will be responsible for making people central to everything Derwent Living does, and putting them at the top of the company’s agenda. The role was previously known as head of organisational development, but due to Derwent Living’s future plans to grow, the role has been restructured, giving Emma-Kate more responsibility.

As part of her role, Emma-Kate, 37, will lead the HR function, the marketing team, the performance team and will work in collaboration with the chief executive with the other directors to lead an organisational improvement agenda, where she will focus on delivering a high performance culture. Emma-Kate will also work as part of the senior management team to support the day-to-day running of the business.

Emma-Kate has over 16 years experience in HR and personnel, and prior to her position at Derwent Living, she was HR business partner at the Energy Technologies Institute. To add to her extensive experience, previously, Emma-Kate also worked at Two Rivers Housing in Gloucestershire, where she was head of HR.

Emma-Kate says: “I am delighted to take on this new role at Derwent Living, not only is this a fresh challenge for me, but it is also an entirely new role for the company, giving me a real opportunity to help shape the future of the organisation. By making the position an assistant director, I am in the right place to help move the business forward, and will act as a link between senior managers and the executive team and board.

“I have a vast amount of experience in HR, and I was really looking for the next step in terms of my career. I wanted a new challenge, and when I saw the role available at Derwent Living, I thought it would be perfect as it was a really strategic position, which is just what I wanted. I also spent six years at Two Rivers Housing, and have always had a passion for housing. I wanted to do something that mattered, and there is nothing more important than putting a roof over someone’s head! I am looking forward to the challenge as it is a role I’m sure I can sink my teeth in to.”

Peter McCormack, chief executive of Derwent Living says: “As part of our business plan going forward, we decided that we needed to spend more time focussing on the company’s internal processes and how we engage most effectively with teams.

“Feedback we have received has been that staff wanted a more consistent approach to processes and a more comprehensive people strategy moving forward. Our response was to extend the previous HR role to include more organisational development activity which will in turn improve our ability to improve the services we can deliver to customers.

“I am really looking forward to working with Emma-Kate, and I am confident that moving forward, through her ability to liaise with both the management teams and at grass roots level, we will be able to make the organisation more effective.”

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