Derwent Living retains customer service excellence rating

Created on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012
by Michael Futers

Derwent Living has been recognised again for its high standard of customer service.  For the third year running we have been awarded the Customer Service Excellence Standard, a Government award that recognises organisations for their commitment and focus on customers.

 In a year during which we have grown by nearly 1,400 additional properties and began working with two new major contractors, assessors judged that Derwent Living was meeting standards and moving in the right direction.

Areas praised by the assessor included the new smart phone and tablet app that allows customers to access services such as paying rent and reporting repairs.

Recognition was also given to the fact that more customer enquiries are being resolved at the first point of contact by staff.

Assessment for the Customer Service Excellence Award is a challenging and rolling three-year process that essentially tests whether organisations understand their customers’ needs and the effectiveness of their service delivery.

The Government began the award three years ago as a means of improving customer service standards across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Peter McCormack, chief executive of Derwent Living said: “Customer service is at the heart of what we do and staff here have worked hard to achieve high standards despite the enormous changes of the last twelve months. I am delighted both for our customers and our staff that this has been recognised.

“We appreciate that customers’ expectations continue to rise and we try to anticipate these and create new options for them.  It is not enough to be better at what we always did; we must be innovative and think of new ways to do things.  This re-accreditation will encourage colleagues as they attempt to take customer service to the next level.”

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