Get yourself covered

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It’s been estimated that around three million families living in housing association properties in the UK  don’t have even the most basic home contents insurance.

Should the worst happen, those without cover would find it very difficult to replace their possessions.

Our teams speak to dozens of customers each year who simply can’t afford to replace their belongings following an accident, fire or flood.

In many cases, people think that Derwent Living will cover the cost of replacing everyday essentials like appliances, furniture, and clothing but that isn’t the case. Derwent Living only covers damage to the building, not the contents within. That’s why it’s so important to get the right cover.

Think of it this way: try to add up how much you think everything in your house is worth. Would you be able to replace it all, if it was all destroyed in a fire?

We always suggest that people compare prices with different insurers, but to help residents get good quality contents insurance we also have a partnership with Thistle Insurance Services to offer an affordable option.

Many people think that insurance can be expensive, but premiums start from as little as £3.06 a month. You don’t even need a bank account to sign up to the plan, although payment options such as direct debit are available.

Contents insurance using this scheme is available to all Derwent Living customers, including leaseholders, and applying is easy. To get a quote, or for more information, visit, email or call 0845 337 2463.

But remember: it’s always worth comparing prices with other contents insurance providers, so that you can get the best and most suitable deal for your needs. Don’t take risks – make sure you’re covered for the worst.