Gritting - what will Derwent Living do?


While Derwent Living would love to be able to keep every path and road on our sites free of snow, it just isn't reasonably practical.

Instead, we prioritise high risk areas and try to make sure that main footpaths, especially those to areas such as car parks and bin stores, are kept clear. "High risk" means places such as retirement living sites, or sites with steep paths.

Ensuring all walkways are kept free of ice or snow at all times, even on routes identified as priority, is a huge challenge.

On retirement living sites with communal areas, main paths will be treated but not paths to individual houses. Foot paths on high risk schemes are gritted and/or cleared of snow in descending order of priority.

On sites with steep gradients Derwent Living provides gritting bins for residents to use.

On all other sites action will be taken if a manager or housing officer identifies a site with steep gradients. We will then attempt to provide grit bins at strategic locations which residents can use if they wish to.

All gritting and the provision of grit bins will be subject to supply of gritting materials and weather conditions.