Josh's future is bright thanks to Derwent Living

An unemployed Derby graduate who joined Derwent Living on a six month government-run scheme impressed the housing provider so much that he has now been given a permanent role with the company.

Twenty-two year old Joshua Loadman graduated from the University of Derby with a degree in business finance, but struggled to find a job until Derwent Living gave him a placement under the government’s Future Jobs Fund.

Josh says: “I found it very difficult when I left university. I applied for numerous jobs but with no success. It was frustrating as I rarely even got a reply or any feedback. In fact, Derwent Living was the only company that bothered to give constructive feedback.”

The company employed Josh as an administration assistant in its resources team. Six months on, he is now embarking on a permanent role as schedule of rates administrator in the asset management team, and is now well on his way to a successful career.

“It’s amazing what a difference the last six months has made.” said Josh. “I’m feeling much more confident and positive about the future. Everyone here has been extremely supportive and friendly and I’m thrilled that I now have a permanent position. It’s really relieved a lot of pressure and uncertainty about my future and I’m looking forward to the challenge and on-going development the role will bring.”

Mitch Allseybrook, community development manager at Derwent Living, said: “Josh has worked really hard, gained some valuable work experience and his confidence has grown tremendously. In his new role he will be given plenty of support and training to ensure he has every opportunity of forging a successful career here at Derwent Living.

“Investing in young people in the region is helping us to create thriving communities and we want to help people like Josh develop skills that can be used for years to come.”

The Future Jobs Fund was launched in 2009 to support the creation of jobs for long term unemployed young people and others who were facing disadvantages when searching the current job market. The fund is now closed following the government’s announcement on efficiency savings but during its term funded over 100,000 jobs mainly for 18-24 year olds.