MY oh MY a thousand times over

My Derwent Living is being used more and more by Derwent Living customers. During July our secure interactive site was used over 1,000 times in a month for the first time with 1,134 logins.  On some days there were over 50 logins.  This follows a concerted effort by staff to ensure that customers know about the facility and have a password.

Customers are using MY for a range of services and in particular to check their balance and manage their account.  It is also used frequently to take part in the involvement forum My Community and to report repairs. Increasingly customers are using it to report repairs at the weekend rather than waiting to phone on Monday morning.

MY Derwent Living gives customers the opportunity to access key services at any time of the day. It is used at all times with morning being the most popular time. There is also a surge in use during the early evening. 

While many customers continue to prefer contact by traditional methods, there is a significant and growing number of customers who find MY Derwent Living suits them.