New campaign aims to boost building - and create homes

Derwent Living is backing a high profile national campaign which aims to kick-start new housing schemes around the country.

The Derby-based housing provider is joining other organisations across the country in the National Housing Federation (NHF) ‘Yes to Homes’ campaign which aims to encourage the building of more affordable homes.

Suzy Brain England, chair of the Derwent Living board, said: “People need homes, and housing associations are quality providers who could meet the demand if building was made easier.

“At Derwent Living we have managed to free up the money supply with innovative use of pension funds at a time when government grants are much reduced. Now we need planning authorities and local communities to free up construction constraints so we can meet the growing demand for new homes.”

The NHF says that the housing shortage is creating high rents and inflated house prices up and down the country. House prices have risen to the point where an entire generation is struggling to afford to buy a property, it says.

“The Yes to Homes campaign is encouraging community leaders and local people to support the development of new housing in their areas and want their views to be heard,” added Suzy.

“The campaign aims to address a number of issues and draw attention to those who can’t afford to rent a home in the neighbourhoods they grew up in. In the countryside, homes are more expensive than in towns, and often beyond the means of local people.”

The campaign is hoping to gain traction through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The hope is that people can come together and begin to break down some of the barriers that currently hinder the creation of new homes.

Yes to Homes has a dedicated website for people to find out how to get involved.