New repairs and maintenance service – FAQ

Created on Monday, June 26th, 2017
by Kathryn Shaw

All residents should now be aware that Derwent Living and Liberty Maintenance have mutually agreed to end the repairs contract. The repairs and maintenance service provided by Liberty

PMD will take over the repairs service from 29th June

Maintenance will end on 28th June 2017 and Places for People’s Property Maintenance Division (PMD) will start delivering this contract from 29th June onwards.

Between Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th June, there will be a crossover period, with some emergency repairs being delivered by PMD and some being completed by Liberty.

We want to thank the Liberty team for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into the service they have provided to customers.

Please see below a set of frequently asked questions relating to the new repairs and maintenance service that will be delivered by Places for People’s PMD from 29th June 2017. If you have any further questions, please direct them to or call 01332 346477.

What kind of repairs will PMD do for Derwent Living residents?

PMD will carry out a wide range of repairs and maintenance duties, including responsive repairs (e.g. fixing broken doors, leaking ceilings), electrical safety inspections and repairs, and works to empty properties so that they are ready for new residents to move into.

Will PMD be fixing my gas, heating and hot water issues?

No. Vinshire will continue to take care of gas servicing, broken boilers and any issues relating to heating and hot water. There are no plans to change this in the immediate future.

Who will I contact if I want to report repairs – Derwent Living or Places for People?

Derwent Living. You will log repairs in exactly the same way as before, whether that’s by contacting our customer services team via email or phone, using the mobile app, using MY Derwent Living or going on our website and filling in the appropriate form.

What will the benefits of the new contract be, and what are the differences compared with the current repairs contract?

As Derwent Living is now a member of the Places for People Group the service will be directly delivered in-house by Places for People PMD. This means that the teams at Derwent Living and PMD will be able to work closely to provide a more efficient and integrated service than before.

A huge benefit of the new contract is how PMD operates; the engineers have a “right first time” approach, and operatives are able to book a follow-up appointment on the spot.  If the job can’t be done straight away, the team is able to provide details on when PMD will return to complete the job, giving you the reassurance that your repair is in hand.

In terms of changes, there aren’t many. The biggest change will be the way that repairs are classified. Previously we had ‘emergency’, ‘urgent’ and ‘routine’ repairs – when the new contract begins, this will change. Every repair will be either an ‘emergency’ or what we call a ‘bookable’ repair. An emergency repair has the same 24 hour turnaround with a bookable repair being completed within 28 days.

How can I identify an operative from Places for People PMD?

Operatives from PMD visit homes in Places for People branded vehicles and clothing and carry ID cards. Our previous advice regarding on-site workers still applies, so if you are unsure about the identity of anybody claiming to be working for Derwent Living or Places for People, please contact us before allowing them into your home and we will investigate. Always ask for ID when anyone asks for entry into your home.

Where are the new operatives based and will travelling distances affect appointment times?

PMD’s team covers the whole country, but the team looking after our homes will be based throughout the East Midlands. Travelling distance does not affect appointment times.

How do I provide feedback about the service I am receiving?

In the first instance, you will be able to give feedback to the PMD operatives. Before leaving the job, they will make sure you’re happy with the service.

You will also be able to continue to give us feedback in the usual ways; so you can phone us, contact us via social media or speak to us in person when you see us on site.  We will continue with customer satisfaction surveys and encourage all service users to share their views with us.


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