No pressure


Not all faults that occur around the home require an engineer visit. Sometimes they are minor problems that can be solved with a little know-how.

Did you know that you can sometimes determine what is wrong with the boiler by the fault code displayed on the screen? As an example, Vaillant boilers often display the code *F22 - this means there is low water pressure in the boiler.

Losing water pressure is a common fault with boilers; this will affect your central heating and hot water. It often occurs when you have recently bled your radiators. This is something you can rectify yourself using a device called a filling loop. This may be hidden behind a cover on the boiler or sometimes it can be found left loose on top of the boiler.

The ideal pressure for a boiler is usually between 1 and 1.5 'bar', so if your boiler's pressure is below this level this could be causing the fault. Your boiler user manual will advise you exactly how to top up the pressure.

Typically, you would connect the filling loop to the pipes underneath the boiler and then open one of the pressure taps fully. You then open the second tap slowly and you will hear water going into the boiler.

As soon as the pressure reaches the desired level close both of the taps. Your boiler should then work, although you may have to reset it first.

If you do identify any leaks while doing this, please contact Derwent Living.

Call 01332 346 477 (option 1) or the emergency out-of-hours repairs team on 0116 257 6727.

*Always refer to the user manual for your boiler in the first instance, as the error codes may differ.