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Created on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
by Steve Atkin

Last year Derwent Living lost approximately £31,000 in rent and repairs from abandoned properties, money which could have gone towards services for customers. If you tell us about an abandoned property that we don’t already know about we’ll give you £50 to say thank you!

If you are moving out of your home you must give four weeks notice in writing. If you give written notice, hand back your keys and leave the property in a good condition We’ll give you £150 to say thank you!

Spare yourself the worry…

If you don’t give Derwent Living notice you are liable for the rent right up to the date a court grants possession which can be months. If you do leave with rent arrears or damage to your property your details are passed to a debt collection agency for recovery. Leaving with unpaid arrears may also exclude you from accessing housing in the future with other local authorities and housing associations.

Talk to the customer service team or your housing officer on 01332 346477 or email

Terms and conditions apply. Please ask for details. 

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