Tracey is lapping up her new computer

Leicester resident Tracey Andrews is enjoying surfing the net, after winning a brand new laptop with free internet connection for a year from Derwent Living.

The Derby-based housing provider asked its residents to write in to say why they deserved to win a new laptop with free internet access. Tracey put together a letter, taking inspiration from her six year old daughter Katie.

Tracey says: “We didn’t have a computer at home and I knew Katie really wanted one as her friends were always talking about the fun they had on theirs.”

Since winning the competition, Katie is having lots of fun playing games - her favourite is the CBeebies website. She is also enjoys surfing her school website and Tracey says it has helped her with her homework too.

And Tracey’s enjoying having access to the wonders of the World Wide Web too! That is, when she can prise Katie away from itÂ…..

Peter McCormack, chief executive of Derwent Living said: “We wanted to offer a prize which would be really useful for residents. The internet access appeals to everyone and we wanted to hear about why people needed it. The response to the competition was overwhelming, and we hope to do something again similar soon, to give other residents the chance to get involved.”