Customer FAQ

This FAQ has been developed to answer the most popular enquiries our customer service team receives. If your question is not answered below, check out the other pages in the our services section.


How do I report a repair?
How do I chase a repair that hasn’t been completed? Or report a missed appointment?
How do I comment about the service I have received?
How do I report anti-social behaviour?
How do I report other tenancy related issues?
How can I request permission for an improvement or alteration to my property?
How do I pay my rent and service charges?
I’m struggling to pay my rent, where can I get help?
How do I terminate my tenancy?
I’m an existing customer, how do I transfer to another property
I’m new to Derwent Living, how do I apply for a property?
Where can I read your customer policies?

How do I report a repair?

Apart from homes where the resident owns or part-owns the property themselves, Derwent Living is responsible for most (but not all) repairs in its residents’ homes. There are some repairs that are your responsibility as the resident. Details of which can be found in the customer handbook.

To report a repair you can visit this page and use the form.

You can also email or call 01332 346 477 and select option 1.

Reporting emergency repairs

If you have a repair which requires urgent attention please contact us immediately on 01332 346 477 during our office hours which are:

Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm

If it is outside of these times then please call  0116 257 6727.

An emergency repair might include:

  • Major storm damage
  • An unusable toilet (if you only have one in your home)
  • A total heating or hot-water system failure in winter

If the repair is an emergency then we will arrange for a contractor to call on you within 24 hours. Someone will need to stay in your home, to allow us access to carry out the repair.

How do I chase a repair that hasn’t been completed? Or report a missed appointment?

You can chase a repair by using the MY Derwent Living system, by emailing Or by calling our customer service team on 01332 346 477. Remember to include your name, address, tenancy number and details of any appointment you have been given. If you have already received a visit from an engineer, please include details.

How do I comment about the service I have received?

It is easy to compliment, make a suggestion, or complain about our service. You do not have to fill in a special form or even put it in writing. Any member of any team can log this for you, and the following options are also available to you:

Any other appropriate means of communication.

More details about providing feedback on our services can be found here.

How do I report anti-social behaviour?  

At Derwent Living we take reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you can call our 24-hour ASB reporting service on 01332 614 919 or contact your housing officer. Click here to find your local housing officer.

We will need to know:

  • when and where it happened, as accurately as possible
  • what happened
  • who was behaving antisocially
  • who else saw or heard the incident

If the behaviour is criminal as well as anti-social, you must tell the police

Remember: If you witness a crime or an emergency you must always report to the police first.

How do I report other tenancy related issues?

If you have any enquiry relating to your tenancy or would like to ask a question about your Derwent Living home you can use the contact form on this website, email

How can I request permission for an improvement or alteration to my property?

If you need an improvement or alteration you will need to ask permission from your housing officer. To do this you can use the contact form on this website, email or call the duty housing officer on 01332 346 477.

How do I pay my rent and service charges?

We offer a wide range of easy ways to pay including:

  • Direct Debit
  • Direct or Faster Payments
  • Online
  • Automated debit/credit card payment service
  • Standing Order
  • Cheque
  • Housing benefit

To set up and make a payment please visit our ways to pay page.

Your rent (and or service charge) is due:

For renters: weekly on a Monday
For homeowners: first of every month

If you wish to pay monthly your payment must be in advance. You must pay the correct rent regularly and on time.

I’m struggling to pay my rent, where can I get help?

If you are having problems paying your rent, please speak to us as soon as possible by calling 01332 346 477. Our income management team is here to help, so please don’t ignore our calls or letters.

Derwent Living also works with a number external agencies who we can refer you to for support.

For more information on the help available to you, please visit our support services page.

How do I terminate my tenancy?

If you are thinking about moving on you need to let Derwent Living know as soon as possible. You must give us four weeks notice in a signed letter to our head office.

Derwent Living,
No. 1 Centro Place,
Pride Park,
DE24 8RF

Your contract will end on the Sunday of the fourth week. Sometimes, we may be able to vary this arrangement, for instance, if you are moving to another of our properties.

Some of our tenancy agreements do stipulate a different notice period and we would suggest that if in doubt residents refer to the tenancy agreement or contact us so we can check on your behalf.

For help and assistance on terminating your tenancy, please email

If you are a joint tenant

If you are a joint tenant, only one tenant needs to give notice – if the other joint tenant wants to stay, they will need to ask their housing officer for advice.

Moving out checklist

Before returning your keys please make sure that you:

  • Ensure your rent is fully paid or arrange to pay arrears
  • Remove all furniture, carpets and belongings
  • Clear out all cupboards and sheds
  • Clear all rubbish and unwanted items (e. g. old furniture) from your home or garden. If you leave unwanted items behind, you will be charged for the cost of removing them
  • Contact the utility companies with your final meter readings or you will still be liable for whatever the next tenant uses
  • Tell the council’s council tax, and – if you claim it – benefits offices

After you leave

If you leave the property with damage, you will be charged for repairs and replacements.

Unpaid rent

Make sure your rent is paid to the end of your contract, including the notice period. If you leave with unpaid rent, our rent recovery team will contact you to arrange payment – if necessary, by using a tracing agency.

Most landlords ask for references from your previous accommodation, and you will find it difficult to find another property if you owe Derwent Living money.

Returning your keys

You must return your keys to our head office by noon the day after your contract ends or you will be charged until they are returned. You are responsible for returning your keys, so if you post them, use recorded delivery.

I’m an existing customer, how do I transfer to another property

Derwent Living operates a transfer policy that enables existing customers to maximise their ‘mobility’ and access alternate accommodation that may be more suitable to personal housing need.

To find out more you can view a quick guide for transferring from your existing home or download Derwent Living’s transfer policy.

If you wish to speak to someone about transferring from your existing property please use the contact us form on this website, email or call 01332 346 477.

Mutual exchanges

There are different ways to move house, but one way is through swapping your home with someone else.  It can be a lot quicker than waiting for a transfer. Derwent Living customers can swap with tenants in a council house or from a housing association, including Derwent Living. Either way both tenants will need permission from your current landlord before a move can go ahead.  Also you accept the home you’re moving to as seen, so you will be responsible for any repairs or decorating you want done.

We have created a special page which explains everything you need to know about mutual exchanges.

I’m new to Derwent Living, how do I apply for a property?

We have been providing housing for over 50 years.  Much of our stock is new-build, with modern, well-designed features.  We are committed to continuing to develop new homes for both rent and sale in response to widespread housing need.  We offer a number of different rental opportunities including accommodation for NHS workers in addition to shared ownership and outright sale.

Affordable Living
Properties are let through our Find a Home on-line application system or through local authority nomination or Choice Based Lettings schemes.  There are no fees or charges but rent must be paid in advance.

You can apply for affordable living properties from our find a home section. Just click apply to launch the application portal.

Residential Lettings
Suitable for professional people and let on 12 month assured short-hold tenancies.  Rents are set at market values and a minimum deposit of one month’s rent and one month’s rent in advance is required.  Customers needing to claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit are not accepted.  Application fees are also charged.

You can see what residential lettings properties we have available here.

Retirement Living to rent 
Properties are only available for letting to those over 55, or 40 and over with a disability.  Properties are let through our Retirement Waiting List.  There are no fees or charges but rent must be paid in advance.

You can see what retirement living properties we have to rent here.

Outright sale and shared ownership
Properties are also available to purchase, either in full or through shared ownership schemes.  Shared ownership allows you to purchase a share of your home (between 25 and 75% of the property’ value) and pay rent for the remaining share.  You will either need to have enough capital to purchase your share of the purchase price or take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the property.  We will also need to check that the property is affordable for you.  Other restrictions may also apply, for instance you are not allowed to have interest in any other property and are not allowed to sub-let the property.

Find out what properties we have for sale » or shared ownership ».

Retirement Living Sales

Retirement Living is affordable housing ranging from small studio flats and self-contained apartments to bungalows.  Our properties offer customers an active social scene with a peaceful and personal atmosphere and the added benefit of 24hr Care Line link for peace of mind.

Retirement Living properties for sale are only available to customers over 60 or 40 and over with a disability. See what sales » properties we have available.

Where can I read your customer policies?

You can find copies of customer policies in the other publications page of our website.

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