Report anti-social behaviour

At Derwent Living we take reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you can call our 24 hour ASB reporting service on 01332 61 4919 or contact your housing officer. Click here to find your local housing officer.

We will need to know:

  • when and where it happened, as accurately as possible
  • what happened
  • who was behaving anti socially
  • who else saw or heard the incident
  • If the behaviour is criminal as well as anti-social, you must tell the police

Remember: If you witness a crime or an emergency you must always report to the police first.


Keeping you in the loop

Your housing officer will decide how to deal with the situation, and keep you informed. They may ask you to help, for instance by keeping a ‘nuisance diary’ to build a picture of the frequency and seriousness of the behaviour. This may be used in any court action.

We will not tell the person causing a nuisance who reported them, but they may be able to guess when we speak to them. Your housing officer will discuss this with you before we take any action.

Diary Sheets

It’s important that you keep an accurate record of antisocial behaviour, as the quality of your evidence is vital to a succesful case if legal action is taken.

  • You need to report only the things you’ve seen or heard, not opinions.
  • Other people in your household need to use their own sheet.
  • Write everything down when it’s fresh in your mind.
  • Please write down the full time and date (e.g. 1pm (or 13:00), 24/11/2015) when the incident started and stopped.
    • Try to record as much detail as possible – e.g. for a noise complaint
    • the type of noise, e.g. loud music, drilling, dog barking
    • how loud the noise was, such as “I could hear it above my television”, “my windows were rattling”
  • how bad it was – “it woke me up”, “I couldn’t fall asleep”, “I couldn’t rconcentrate on my book”
  • If you are verbal abused or threatened, please write the exact words that were said.  If it was by letter, text or email etc. please keep these.
  • If you know who is causing the problem write it down – e.g. “David Smith”, “their oldest son”, “a visitor called Mike”.
  • If you call the police, please record the time, date, the names and badge numbers of any officers who respond, and which station they came from.

You can download more sheets here: diary sheet (121KB PDF)

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