Right to Buy

The Government recently announced a new pilot for the Voluntary Right to Buy Scheme for tenants of Housing Associations.

What we Know?

There will be a regional pilot of the new scheme which will be restricted to the East and West Midlands

We expect to receive more details from Government and the National Housing Federation in the Spring of 2018 after which Derwent Living will work to identify which properties may be included and excluded from the Voluntary RTB pilot.

Examples of properties which may be excluded may include those properties which we are obliged to keep as rented properties, or properties which are particularly suitable for elderly persons.

There is no further information available at this stage as to if and when the scheme might be rolled out nationally

Register your Interest?

You can register your interest using the form below.

Update 27/04/2017
Will the pilot go ahead now there’s a General Election?

During the run up to an election the Government is unable to make any policy announcements, therefore details on the upcoming pilot will not be confirmed until after the General Election. When further details are confirmed they will be available on the Government's Right to Buy website:

Update 25/11/2016

The Government's housing minister, Gavin Barwell, has confirmed that the extension of Right to Buy to housing association tenants will be delayed until at least 2018. Derwent Living will continue to take the details of any residents who are interested in purchasing their home through Right to Buy and will get in touch when more detailed, official guidelines are released.

You may have heard recently about the extension of right to buy to housing association customers. New right to buy rules will allow customers to buy their property outright, the same as council tenants; with a discount applied for how many years you've held an assured tenancy with a qualifying landlord. Details of exactly how right to buy will work for housing associations are still being finalised with no timeline set as to when they will be introduced.

You can complete the form below if you would like to register your interest for the new right to buy. Our sales team will be in touch as soon as official details and guidelines are released.

Please fill out all sections of the form below.

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About your tenancies

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If you have you held any previous tenancies (with another housing association or council) how many years in total did you hold those tenancies for?

RTB Disclaimer

By accepting the RTB submission disclaimer, you agree to provide Derwent Living with information including person and property information and contact details. Derwent Living may use this information to contact you about right to buy or other products and services.
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